Myatt's Fields Cocktails Pisco Martini 50ml

Myatt's Fields Cocktails Pisco Martini 50ml

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Miniatures are a really important part of how we think about our drinks here at Myatt's Fields Cocktails:

They are fun. They are an opportunity to try a drink you haven't had before. They easily fit into a pocket or handbag.

If you have ice and (ideally) a glass, having a miniature with you means you have everything you need. There aren't many gifts that are more fun to receive than a complete cocktail.

For the student or aficionado, they offer a chance to compare the different vermouths, sherries, spirits and bitters without spending hundreds of pounds.

The bottles are pretty, and can be used in countless ways once empty. Some of the best examples we've seen include an inkwell and a spice receptacle.

Served straight up, it will not get too warm before it is finished, and on the rocks it will not end up disappointingly dilute by the time you have got to the bottom of the glass.

A blend of gin, dry vermouth, sweet vermouth, and our new favourite ingredient - Pisco. Bottled and aged for at least six weeks.

The Pisco brings out a fresh fruitiness that we've never experienced in a martini. This drink is a powerhouse delivered in a silk glove. The two vermouths mellow outwards with ageing, leaving the pop of the Pisco to sit on the tongue. Don't miss this.

Stir over ice and then strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a slice of lemon. Imagine you're in Lima about to head down to Santiago.

With love and respect to the inspiration behind this drink, the legendary Ivy Mix and her El Cuarto, just named Best American Bartender at Tales of the Cocktails. What a contribution.