El Navarrico Garbanzos 700g

El Navarrico Garbanzos 700g

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Conservas Desde 1960


Al Natural Extra

Ingredients: Chickpeas (64%), water and salt

Gluten free

Contains sulphites

Product of Spain, imported by Brindisa Ltd. 

We have been working with nature since the 50s of the last century, demanding the highest possible quality every day. We are a family-owned company that has evolved to establish itself solidly in the international market thanks to the utmost respect for the agricultural and canning tradition of Navarra.

Since our origins the company's vision has been to bring the field to the consumer with the least possible intervention, respecting the rhythms of nature, and with the better systems for preserving the quality of our crops.

We are located on the banks of the Ebro and Ega rivers, where the best crops from the Navarra orchard grow. A perfect climate and fertile land combine to achieve a special and exclusive product.