Black Cloud Tea Master's Garden Jasmine 2019 25g

Black Cloud Tea Master's Garden Jasmine 2019 25g

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A super special jasmine green tea, made by Chinese national tea master Chen Chengzhong.

Style: Jasmine Scented Green Tea
Cultivar: Da Bai Hao
Origin: Fuzhou, Fujian , China
Season: Spring 2019
Tasting Notes: Enduring jasmine, floral fragrance with crystal sugar sweetness.

We were lucky enough to get a tiny, tiny batch of this high grade of Jasmine tea, created by national tea master Chen Chengzhong. His teas are snapped up pretty quickly every season and can command crazy high prices, so this is not any old jasmine tea. It’s crafted in Fuzhou, Fujian using spring picked buds and young leaves, which are first made into a tasty green tea, before being laboriously hand-scented 6 times with whole jasmine blossoms. Leaving a deep jasmine fragrance in the tea leaves, for fresh and floral flavour perfection. Since production this tea has been kept in clean and secure, airtight storage to maintain the full aroma.

Infusion Guide: Add 5-7g of leaf per 100ml

Heat water to 80˚C

Infuse for 15-30 sec

Pour. Enjoy. Re-infuse