Bad Mama Fresco Chili & Garlic Hot Sauce 100g

Bad Mama Fresco Chili & Garlic Hot Sauce 100g

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Fresh chilis, olive oil, garlic, fresh coriander, Guerande salt.

Welcome to the spicy paradox! Try this fresh and hot green chili sauce.

Feel some freshness while on fire with this green chili, fresh coriander and olive oil concoction. This recipe will make your fish so happy. You can add a teaspoon to your soup or vegetable dishes.

When you’re with Bad Mama, you’ll never forget another meal.

Bad Mama hot sauce began with my mum, the original Bad Mama, and we had it with every meal when I was a kid in Paris. The recipe has its roots in Chad, where my mother grew up, and she has refined it over the years.

But Bad Mama is more than just a sauce, it’s an attitude. I remember when my mother decided my little sister was too old to still be sucking her thumb. She put a drop of hot sauce on my sister’s thumbnail and, as my sister put her finger in her mouth, my mother couldn’t stop laughing. Needless to say, my sister never sucked her thumb again and now loves the hot sauce more than anyone.

In all cultures, food brings people together to share stories and traditions.

However in the modern world, when we struggle for the time to make those connections we hope Bad Mama will give you a chance to slow down then heat up and reconnect with those around you.

When you sit across the dining table from a stranger and watch them add just a little too much Bad Mama to their lunch, you know that in a few seconds time you will be laughing as friends.

We want to share the authentic tastes and attitudes of Chadian culture in order to bring back togetherness, conversation and confidence in families. We want to shine a light on our cultural differences but most importantly to celebrate them in a playful way.

We believe in the joys of diversity and tolerance.



We represent many different cultures and embody pride in our differences, all with a mischievous sense of fun.


We look to the whole world for inspiration for our recipes.


We share real stories of real people in a lively, honest way, especially highlighting local food, art and craftsmanship.

Words by Joe Dunthorne.