Ed's Veg Mixed Salad Leaves 120g

Ed's Veg Mixed Salad Leaves 120g

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Grown chemical free on Devils Lane Market Garden, a Hampshire Agroecological Farm.

These mixed salad leaves contains mustard, lettuce, endive, amaranth and nastutuium.

Rinse before use.

Contains mustard.



"My name’s Ed, I’m a market gardener. I’m growing on an acre of farmland in the beautiful Hampshire countryside. Having grown up in the area I care about the local wildlife and ecology, I want to look after the land and grow really good quality food for the people who share it with me.

The salad leaves I grow are brought on from Organic seed in poly tunnels, I cut the salad at dawn to keep it fresh, and the moisture on the leaves is morning dew. I don’t mind getting up so early because I like to see the sun come up and it’s so peaceful.
All my tomatoes and cucumbers are picked ripe, so they taste like the ones people get on holiday in Spain, not like the ones that we get ripened by gas or under lights for supermarkets. I deliver everything on the same day it is cut or picked, twice a week to shops so it is the freshest you can get.

I grow in a way that is sustainable and low carbon. I don’t use pesticides or herbicides or any chemical fertilisers, the waste of my business is very low, and the ‘food miles’ are extremely low. The land I grow on is home to lizards toads and slow worms, all sorts of insects and the birds that feed on them. The land owner also keeps the surrounding farmland with the same principles."